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Familienurlaub - Erlebnis

Family Summer and Winter

Kinder im Winter

Around the year there is always something new to discover for families...

... in the summer when the alpine meadows bloom -

- in colorful children's parties and children's program
- in the outdoor pool enjoying the sun and water
- by adventures in the great nature - in the forest and along the riverside (water playground, leisure park, hikes in the nature reserve, ...)
- big and small skaters enjoy themselves in the skate-bowl
- daredevils dare to via ferrata and high ropes course, rafting on whitewater or explore gorges by canyoning
- kids explore the farming life (open farm of the ErlebnisSennerei)

... and in winter when the mountains are jacketed in most beautiful white -

- skiing and snowboarding on beautiful ski slopes (ski and snowboard lessons for children with child care, children's training areas on the mountain and in the valley)
- paragliding at dizzy heights, over glistening snowscapes
- even adults will be small again and the whole family build snowmen or a have a funny snowball fight
- ice skating or a fast descents with the sled during a very adventurous night in the moonlight
- in the indoor pool at the super fast water slide

... here are holidays the greatest for the kids.

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